The Adload Story

Adload was founded when we came across the tedious process of buying billboard space and the difficulty to put up our own billboard. After finding limited inventory, long waiting periods, added production costs, and time consuming processes we knew there had to be a better way for brands to get their messages out. We came to find out about regulations, permitting, outdated processes, and other aspects which made operating and modernizing billboards very difficult and almost impossible to expand.

With 30 years of experience in the trucking industry, starting out as CDL drivers to building and operating our own fleet of over 300 tractor-trailers. We realized our trailers were canvases rolling throughout the busiest roadways all over the country. At any given moment, there are over 2 million semi-trucks on the road. Covering highways, freeways, and all roadways from small towns to large metropolitan markets.

Of course, vinyl wraps are an option, but with production costs, installation downtimes, and the potential conflicts between branded trailers and shippers, wrapping trailers is not ideal.

We believed we could build a better way for brands to advertise on trailers while carriers could earn additional revenue. From there, Adload was born.


Our Adload hardware is meticulously designed not to disrupt the daily workflow and operation of the trailer. Our patented design seamlessly integrates the display into the trailer door, making it a functional piece of the trailer, opening, and closing as normal. This streamlined factory finish design does not interfere with loading and unloading freight or cargo space.

Our revolutionary green technology utilizes power already produced by the tractor, allowing us the ability to stay carbon neutral with net-zero emissions from the display. Our durable and efficient display technology allows any carrier to operate one or even a thousand Adload-enabled trailers with no added burdens placed on drivers, maintenance crews, or freight managers.


It’s simple for brands to get the desired exposure and number of impressions with Adload’s capabilities paired with the large fleet of trailers on the road at any given time. Whether brands want to target a hyper-local market or reach audiences all over the country, it can be done promptly and efficiently with Adload. Our cutting-edge LED digital displays are ten feet off the ground and four feet tall making them clearly visible over all types of vehicles and across lanes of traffic. Semi-trailers move along with traffic resulting in higher dwell times and increased frequency, providing messages with multiple touchpoints and frequent exposure to the audience.


Adload’s end-to-end hardware, software, and analytics platform reduces the complexity for both advertisers and carriers. For carriers, simply continue driving your regular routes and our cloud software will automatically schedule content according to the trailer's location and time. For advertisers, the need to purchase various spots on numerous displays is gone. All trailers that fit the campaign specifications will automatically play content according to the designated schedule, giving brands maximum exposure per campaign.

All play data is displayed in real-time on our interactive proof of play dashboard presenting the exact GPS pinpoint of where and when each piece of content was displayed. With extensive in-house measurements and integrations to the leading third-party analytics platforms, Adload gives advertisers the most comprehensive tools available to measure campaign performance, attribution, retargeting, and lift analysis.

Having the capability to budget daily ad spend, geofence desired markets, and zero production costs, Adload is the perfect out-of-home advertising platform for brands and businesses of all sizes; engaging and non-intrusive, yet omnipresent and attention-commanding.