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Attention Commanding

Adload digital out of home provides a unique new platform to reach audiences when they are the most attentive, driving on the road. Our displays are placed 10 feet off the ground and are large enough to give audiences an unobstructed view through rows of traffic, across multiple lanes, and over vehicles of all sizes.

Moving at a similar rate to traffic, advertising on Adload maximizes exposure with exponential dwell times. Messages are exposed to audiences multiple times creating a higher chance to be recalled later.

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Reporting and Analytics

Our robust reporting pinpoints exactly when and where each time a message played in real-time. Know how your OOH campaign is performing and make adjustments accordingly.

We are on a mission to give the most accurate and intuitive analytics possible. Our platform offers industry-changing technology including measuring traffic with artificial intelligence.

We natively integrate and partner with the leading third-party data providers in order to provide the most dynamic reporting possible.

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Audience Demographics

Real-time data collected from audience exposed to our displays.
Data Analysis: West Coast Markets

Key Benefits and Features

Why Advertise On Adload?

As we saw during the pandemic, America’s trucking industry is resilient. At any given time there are over 2 million semi-trucks on the road hauling through small-town USA to top 5 markets. With Adload, we selectively choose the most desirable shipping routes for marketing. Additionally, brands can get exposure where traditional OOH can’t or doesn’t exist, benefiting any marketing strategy. All while helping the trucking industry offset their ever-increasing costs of operation.

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