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Adload was developed with 30 years of experience driving and operating trucking fleets. With rising operation costs resulting in less profit per load, it is more necessary than ever for carriers to maximize their earnings on each delivery. Our solution helps carriers earn additional revenue for every load, without increasing overhead costs or operation.

Adload displays are designed to seamlessly integrate and become part of the trailer door without disrupting daily operation and cargo space. We put our displays through rigorous testing with over a million miles already traveled through various states, climates, and terrain.


Trailers with Adload displays have passed all Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) inspections in states of operation.


Added revenue without the overhead.

With our revenue share model carriers earn income on loads they already haul. Our integrated design doesn't require any effort from the carrier, simply haul as you would with any trailer. All displays are connected to our cloud network where scheduling and analytics are done automatically.

  • Plug & Play operation.
  • Ads are self managed through our platform.
  • Earn bonuses in select markets.
  • No additional power source required.
  • Universal design fits all trailers.
  • Carrier's operate business as usual.
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When carriers haul with Adload, there's no need for additional training for drivers, dispatchers, or computer operators. We handle all the technical details, installation, and backend operation of our smart digital displays.

Safety & Installation

IP 65 Certified

Displays are weatherproof with the ability to operate in harsh environments, withstand impact, and absorb vibration.


Environment sensors allow the display to auto-adjust brightness according to real-time conditions to ensure traffic safety.


Components are sealed inside our strength-tested cabinet giving the installation a seamless factory finish inside and out.