A Wonderful Time of the Year:
Attracting Holiday Shoppers with Adload Advertising

The holiday season is approaching. This year, experts think the number of Americans hitting the road to visit family for the winter holidays will rise. While the last few years saw a marked decrease in road trips and vacations, people are ready to get back together in a big way. And advertisers may not realize it, but ramping up their out-of-home (OOH) advertising should ideally begin in October, as winter travel increases.

However, many types of OOH ads are limited in scope. For example, billboards are gone in a flash, and even radio ads are easy to tune out or avoid altogether. But there’s a type of advertising that has the advantage of a captive audience even on those long highway stretches between towns—digital out-of-home (DOOH) ads by Adload.

Let’s look at how holiday travel can translate to measurable brand awareness and interest.

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More Trucks on the Road Means More Ad Opportunities

As holiday spending ramps up in the final months of the year, more truckers hit the roads to bring shipments to stores. And with more trucks on the roads and highways, your ads have a greater chance of getting seen if you go with Adload. That’s because Adload works with trucks that work dedicated routes.

And during the holiday season, with more trucks working additional dedicated routes, drivers are more likely to see an Adload display. Finally, many people now split their holiday shopping between online and in-person purchases. This continued growth in the online shopping sector will result in more trucks transporting these goods to warehouses and shipping centers.

Why You Should Get Your Ads Out There Sooner

While there are always stragglers buying last-minute gifts, experts note that people are likely to do their holiday shopping earlier in the season. In fact, many consumers have indicated they’ll be starting their holiday shopping a bit earlier this year, so they have plenty of time to get all the gifts they want. And those shoppers will be on the road, potentially seeing Adload’s state-of-the-art digital LED displays.

Drivers Are a Captive Audience

Adload's innovative DOOH technology will also find a captive audience with another group of road warriors—vacationers. For several years, many families have limited or canceled travel plans and are more than ready to travel to see family and friends. Another factor affecting the surge in road trip plans is the shortage of pilots and crew for planes. With many canceled flights, travelers are turning to rental cars and driving their own vehicles to their destinations. And these drivers could be seeing your targeted holiday advertising on a weatherproof, auto-adjusting display.

Adload chooses heavily-traveled shipping routes so your holiday ads will get high visibility and the greatest number of impressions. And this season has enormous potential. Let’s look at some of the numbers according to recent polls

The majority—6 in 10—said they have plans to travel for the holidays. Sixty-four percent or nearly two-thirds of those with travel plans say they’ll drive their personal vehicle. More than half, or 55 percent, say they’ll travel 400 miles or more to their holiday destination.

More drivers on the road for longer means more opportunities to make a good impression with our crisp, clear LED displays.

Get More Targeted Impressions and a Clear ROI with Adload

Get your holiday advertising in front of your target audience and make multiple impressions with Adload’s GPS capabilities. And since the displays remain connected to the cloud network, you can get real-time data and analytics to help you see the true ROI of your campaign. Adload also allows advertisers to create customizable geofences for a general campaign or specific, more carefully targeted audiences.

Advertisers can create customized campaigns based on their budgets, goals, and desired reach. Whether you’re simply working to drive brand awareness or hoping to drive Q4 sales with holiday advertising, it’s a great time to get your brand in front of road trippers and holiday shoppers.

Get More Targeted Impressions and a Clear ROI with Adload

Increasing competition and dynamic markets mean businesses must think beyond the billboard for their OOH. Adload’s displays can help you finish the year strong and continue to drive brand growth into 2023. Drivers on the road can’t see website banners and TV commercials, but they can see Adload’s brilliant LED screens on the backs of truck trailers as they traverse the busiest routes. Make your holiday numbers bright—check out what Adload can do for you today.

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A Wonderful Time of the Year: Attracting Holiday Shoppers with Adload Advertising

Let’s look at how holiday travel can translate to measurable brand awareness and interest.

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