Utilizing Semi Truck Advertising Effectively with Adload

Adload’s state-of-the-art cloud network is at the forefront of digital out of home advertising technology. Utilizing Adload’s impressive network of connected displays on semi truck trailers will help any brand reach the right audience at the right time.

Adload is a leading provider of transit digital out of home advertising solutions for advertisers and media buyers. Our cloud network allows advertisers and media buyers to create, manage and measure campaigns across a vast array of the latest attention-grabbing large format displays. We allow our customers to reach their target audiences while they are on their way to work or traveling.

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What Are DOOH ads?

For years, advertisers have tried to take advantage of the large space available on semi trucks. But it's not enough to just put an image on the side of a truck—it has to be something that will grab attention and make people stop and think. Adload combines the vast inventory of semi truck trailers with digital out of home advertising that's unique, quick to set up, easy to measure, and grabs attention.

The Key benefits of using Adload’s programmatic semi truck advertising network:


Advertisers can target hyper-local and geofence direct areas of interest they want to reach or select multiple geofences in a single campaign to reach a broader audience. This can be coordinated with audience demographic data, points of interest, storefront locations, and many other dynamic variables. With Adload geofencing, brands can ensure their advertising budget is spent and their content is played in their targeted markets.


Advertising on America’s trucking network allows advertisers to reach a vast number of audiences in multiple markets simultaneously within a single campaign. Campaigns are automatically coordinated between available displays and managed inside our cloud network. Now advertisers are not limited to markets they want to reach by inventory, budgetary restrictions, and location constraints.


Adload allows advertisers to utilize multiple creatives within the same campaign. This helps keep messages fresh and relevant with day-parting, real-time scheduling, and updates. Content can be updated within minutes and scheduled to target specific demographics and regions.

By leveraging Adload's robust network, you will be able to reach your target audience with relevant content at the exact place and time they are most likely to interact with it. Utilizing Adload's DOOH network on semi truck trailers will help your brand reach new customers and build brand awareness when they aren't in front of traditional forms of OOH advertising in areas where drivers are most likely to see them.

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Utilizing Semi Truck Advertising Effectively with Adload

Adload’s state-of-the-art cloud network is at the forefront of digital out of home advertising technology.

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Adload is a data driven AdTech platform leveraging the nation's massive transportation industry as mobile digital billboards for high impact street level messaging. Adload's digital mobility allows dynamic content to be displayed at the right time and place using geofence targeting capabilities. With over 2,000,000 semi trucks on the road daily, Adload’s platform enables marketers to launch gorilla-style targeted campaigns at scale on a moment's notice. Adload end to end advertising solution includes nationwide displays, software, and analytics.