Anti-Predator Project Case Study


The Anti-Predator Project (APP), a non-profit organization dedicated to combating human trafficking and sexual predators, wanted to increase the awareness of their organization on the West Coast. Adload’s capabilities to target multiple markets and demographics from a single campaign, and the unique guerilla-style advertising directly to drivers on the road, made it ideal for the APP organization to stand out in a continuous world of content.


Adload coordinated a dynamic campaign with attention-grabbing messaging for human trafficking/sexual predator issues from the beginning of November 2021 to the end of January 2022. In addition to raising awareness, APP wanted to highlight the need for donations in order to fund their services to help eradicate the human trafficking networks across the US. Adload’s in-house design team created multiple creatives that promoted both the organization and donations to the program. The content stayed fresh and relevant throughout the duration of the campaign with targeted alternating creatives.


At the end of the 90 day period, Anti-Predator Project saw an increase in their social media following with 750 unique new followers across their platforms along with raising $3,000 in donations specific to the West Coast.

"Working with Adload has truly been a blessing. Their platform has helped us spread awareness about human trafficking and raise money to support our non-profit. Their customer services are top notch and their knowledge about how they can put their technology to work for your business is beyond impressive. If you have an important message you need to get out there or a product to market I can’t think of a company that delivers better results than Adload." Trent Steele, President Anti-Predator Project

anti predator ad

Anti-Predator Project

eCPM: $3.97
Daily Impressions: 16,779 (Avg)
Total Impressions: 1,510,093

Duration: 90 Days
Increase in Awareness: 18% (750 Unique Followers)
Donations through campaign: $3,000

About Anti-Predator Project

Anti-Predator Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to combating human trafficking and sexual predators in the United States through the use of specially trained private investigators. Along with providing investigative and protective services for those victims of these horrific crimes, Anti-Predator Project is also highly dedicated to educating the community about the reality of human trafficking in the United States.