KickHouse Case Study


KickHouse, a new kickboxing studio concept with seven locations spread across California wanted to increase its brand visibility and gain new customer interest. As they continue to grow and add franchises, they were particularly intrigued by the opportunity to measure interest outside their current locations. The goal was to increase website visits, reach a broad audience, and measure where interest stemmed from.


The Adload team helped KickHouse design a campaign with three catchy alternating messages that ran from June 5th to July 5th, geotargeting all semi-trailer digital displays inside California.

The campaign ran through heavily trafficked highways and interstates that interconnect California’s top markets such as Los Angeles, San Francisco/ Bay Area, and the Sacramento Valley. With 31,800 daily impressions and 733,600 total impressions, the campaign ran simultaneously across the entire state in current KickHouse markets and also stretched out to new markets providing key insights for future growth.


At the end of the 4 week period, KickHouse saw an increase of 28% in website traffic coming from California and their highest revenue of the year. Along with the increase in overall brand awareness, KickHouse was able to use the geodata gathered to determine possible new franchise locations such as Sacramento, where they saw a 55% increase in interest.

"If you need brand awareness, you need Adload! As a new brand with seven studios in California, KickHouse needed an out-of-the-box method of introducing ourselves to a broad audience. Working with the Adload team, we saw almost a 30% increase in our web traffic and our highest revenue of the year." Jessica Yarmey, CEO KickHouse

kick house promo


eCPM: $3.99
Daily Impressions: 31,800 (Avg)
Total Impressions: 733,600

Duration: 4 Weeks
Increase in website traffic: 28% (Avg)
Market with largest increase: Sacramento 55%

About KickHouse

Founded in July of 2020, KickHouse is a modern kickboxing studio with resilience in its DNA. The KickHouse mission is to help members and communities take their health and kick it up a level! The brand has quickly grown to over 35 locations across the country and is looking to grow to 100 within the next six months. If you’re interested in becoming a KickHouse franchisee and opening your own KickHouse studio, visit