Universal Technical Institute Case Study


Universal Technical Institute (UTI) aimed to create awareness and drive attention to its newly launched welding programs at its Sacramento campus. Seeking a unique approach to complement existing marketing strategies, UTI decided to leverage Adload's digital semi-truck advertising platform once again.


This 90-day campaign was strategically designed with a geofence around the greater Sacramento region, focusing on the demographics most likely to enroll. In a meticulous process, we identified regions with the highest concentration of the target demographic and created geofences around these areas. Adload's dynamic targeting capabilities enabled simultaneous targeting of all trailers within these specified regions, ensuring maximum reach and exposure. Precise targeting also ensured that the campaign stopped displaying ads as soon as a trailer moved out of the geofence, preventing any wasted impressions.

Universal Technical Institute Semi Truck


Adload's collaboration with UTI yielded impressive results:

  • Website Lift: UTI achieved a 6% increase in website traffic attributable to the campaign, demonstrating its effectiveness in driving online engagement.

  • Campus Performance: Among all UTI campuses, the Sacramento campus was the only one to experience a positive lift compared to other campuses during the same period.

  • Increased Inquiries: UTI observed a consistent and positive trend in inquiries made via their website, setting the Sacramento campus apart from others regarding prospective student interest.

Collectively, these outcomes showcased how UTI successfully promoted its new welding programs and captured the attention of its target audience, thanks to the strategic implementation of Adload's digital semi-truck advertising solution.

"Working with the Adload Technologies team was a great experience. We used their platform to help announce a new program at our facility. Their user dashboard and available reports are very relevant to the data we need for analysis. I would recommend Adload to other advertisers."

Andrew Thorman, Marketing, Regional Specialist
Universal Technical Institute

StreetMetrics Measured Campaign Performance

Measured DMAs Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto
San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose
Measured Miles 11,623.47
Captured MAIDs 319,773
Average Frequency 7.79
Impressions Per Mile 27.51

Audience Measurement

Demographics are drawn from household-level Census demographic data of Mobile Advertising IDs (MAIDs) that were exposed to a trailer display.

Proof of Play Coverage

UTI Adload Geofence






Key consumer groups based on their behavior in the real world.

Duration: 90 Days
Total Trailers: 50
Miles Covered: 11,518.16

Ad Plays: 102,965
Impression Per Play: 7.67(Avg)
Total Impressions: 789,971.84

Graduating from a school with a quality reputation is important. UTI is the leading provider of training for students preparing for careers as professional automotive, diesel, collision repair, motorcycle, marine, CNC machining and welding technicians. More than 220,000 students have graduated from UTI during our 55-year history. Our reputation is built on the quality of our training and instructors, our industry relationships as well as the success that UTI graduates experience in their careers.